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Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act 2016

Just as we remember the shark attacks of 1916 here on LBI which inspired JAWS and brought fear and attention to sharks like never before, Congress is working to protect the very species many consider apex predators of our oceans.


photo: Oceanic Preservation Society
Shark Week, now in its 28th year on the Discovery Channel, also begins this Sunday the 26th. With all the publicity around sharks there is no better time to introduce the Shark Fin Trade Elimination Act. While shark finning is already illegal in the United States, the trade of fins is not, and continues to contribute to the unnecessary deaths of some 73 million sharks every year. (Full Oceana Report)

Sharks are a key species in our world’s oceans and one that we need to respect and protect, rather than fear and kill mindlessly.

Take action today and show your support HERE.