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Water Bottles

Water Refilling Station Project

Since July 2010 Alliance for a Living Ocean has been working to reduce the impacts of single use plastic water bottles through our water bottle refilling station project.

This anonymously funded project allows us to install refilling stations through out the island in hopes of encouraging residents and visitors alike to reduce and reuse. We have worked extensively with Long Beach Township and they have been vital in helping to install and maintain the units. Look for further locations to come as well as educational signage at each location.

The project continues to grow and we are always looking for ways to expand. If you or your business would like information about how you can get a refilling station at your location please contact us.

Water refilling station locations

In the coming months we’ll be utilizing the WeTap App to locate and map all the public water filling stations and fountains on the island, both part of our project and those which are installed by towns and businesses.


Portable Water Refilling Stations

In 2014 the organizers of the inaugural Hop Sauce Fesitval came to ALO looking to reduce the environmental impacts of an event which sees thousands of attendees. The idea to eliminate single use plastic bottles from the event was the decided solution and all vendors were asked not to sell water bottles as we would provide a more sustainable solution. Our first attempt was a simple solution utilizing 5 gallon reusable water jugs. Not the fanciest but it got the job done.

For the 2nd Annual Hop Sauce Festival we decided to up our presence and once again thanks to the generosity of our anonymous donor we were able to purchase two portable units which provide filtered water to thousands of festival attendees.


We’re excited to have our units at Hop Sauce Festival again on Saturday June 4th from 11AM- 7PM. New for 2016 we’ll now be tracking our water usage to get a realtime number of water bottles prevented from entering the waste stream.

We’ll be serving up free, filtered water all day long!

Be sure to check out the Hop Sauce Fest Tune Up paddle race as well which benefits ALO!

*If you or your organization would like to utilize our portable refilling stations at your event please contact us at livingoceanalo@gmail.com. We simply ask that you provide a regular 3/4″ hose connection to clean water and provide our organization with a donation for the units upkeep and transportation.


Reusable ALO Water Bottles

To further promote not using single use plastic water bottles, ALO sells our own Mizu Life reusable stainless steel water bottles. Come out to any event and we will have them available for purchase. All proceeds from the sale of this item go directly back to ALO so we can continue our mission.