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Monofilament fishing line is a single strand of typically nylon plastic that has long been the go to for fishermen all over. While it is a useful and innovative material which allows millions to enjoy the oceans and waterways via the sport of fishing, it is still a plastic.

Being made out of plastic means monofilament fishing line that enters a waterway can pose serious threats to wildlife for a considerable amount of time. Monofilament line does not break down for 100’s of years much like many other plastics. Sadly monofilament is often invisible underwater as well.

Thanks to Eagle Scout of Boy Scout Troop 65 in Manahawkin, Bryan Janiszweski ALO and LBI now have a number of monofilament recycling bins. Bryan is a resident of Beach Haven and a lifelong fisherman and caretaker of our waters who has seen the impacts of stray monofilament firsthand. Bryan began work in the winter of 2016 to create a number of recycling bins with the help of the Boat US Foundation, Berkley Conservation Institute, Long Beach Township, and ALO. With donations from Ferguson Plumbing and McPherson Plumbing, Bryan was able to build the recycling bins from PVC.


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