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Single Use Plastics

Single Use Plastics have quickly become one the most dire issues, not only for our group and the Long Beach Island region, but globally. Everyday we encounter plastic and this amazing material allows us to do so much, but it also creates so much waste.


  • 33% of plastics are single use, meaning we use them and throw them away
  • 8% is recycled, you can guess where the rest winds up (we’ll give you a hint, in the oceans, rivers, and landfills)
  • In the U.S. alone we use over 30 MILLION TONS of plastic a year


This problem is readily visible on our beaches and waterways daily, but even more so when we do beach clean ups.

According to the 2014 Beach Sweeps Annual Report from Clean Ocean Action, 68.99% of all debris collected that year was plastics.

We are concentrating on a number of single use items as well as others readily found in and around our area (click on each item under single use plastics to see how we’re working to make a difference).

Alliance for a Living Ocean is a proud member of the Environmental Protection Agency Region 2’s Trash Free Waters program.

This program is a coalition of like minded groups and governing bodies working together to find solutions to the worst of the plastic polluters.